Penetration testing

Oftentimes it is usefull to see how good the security of your IT infrastructure and servers is by actively attacking your networks yourself. This way you can find possible ways to exploit your systems yourself before any hacker will probe your systems. Testing your new home page or your new online shop for security might save your company from data theft or losing a lot of money by falling victim to manipulated orders.

We will actively scan your IT infrastrukture and servers for vulnerabilities by conducting a so called penetration testing (aka pentesting) that might get exploited by blackhat hackers otherwise.

Secure your IT infrastructure actively against sabotage, espionage and financial losses by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities before any attack takes place or by implementing additional controls to mitigate the risks of those vulnerabilities, if they can not be fixed immediately.

We help you to implement emergency plans, IT security concepts and an IT Security Management System (ISMS) in your company. We gladly assist in building up an IT secruity team or an emergency response team and to inmplement incident response and incident handling procedures and communication and reporting lines.