IT Security

Due to the ongoing digitalisation of processes the frequency, severity and professionality of hacking attacks is increasing constantly. Digital espionage and sabotage are becoming easier and affordable for everyone.

In case of an attack we preserve all digital evidence, conduct an it forensic analysis and help you to defend your systems by handling the incident and responding to it.

Of course we gladly assist you in preventing security incidents and help you setting up effective security policies and emergency plans or auditing the implementation of your existing security controls.

To determine your companies individual IT security risk we offer to conduct a quick IT security check by scanning your networks for unintentionally acessible file shares, unknown devices, known vulnerabilities and unkown services related to active malware or banned software tools. To secure your networks against attacks in the best possible way we then conduct active white hat penetration testing (aka "pentesting") to identify possible vulnerabilities of your networks in order to fix those vulnerabilities or to at least mitigate their risk.

We also offer training to raise the awareness for IT security issues and the handling of confidential data in your company.