What do we do?

Fraud Investigations, crisis Management and Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent activity can be a major threat to your enterprise, putting you in great danger with potential to create large financial losses in the form of lost revenue or regulatory fines. Besides the financial damages fraud can irrevocably damage your reputation and trust.

A recent study by KPMG Germany shows that 85% of all enterprises think their measures against fraud are good or excellent, even though more than a third became a victim of fraud. According to another study more than half of all enterprises suffered from fraud in the recent five years. The Federal Police of Germany (Bundeskriminalamt) stated in their 2014 statistics that there were 63.194 cases of fraud, which was a decrease by 12% compared to the year before (71.663 cases), but they admit, that the estimated number of unreported cases is significantly higher than the number of reported cases. This might be related to enterprises to have their fraud cases rather investigated by external fraud experts such as IT Compliance Systeme than by the German Police to avoid publicity and damages to their reputation.

IT forensics, E-Discovery Services, Forensic Data Mining / Red Flag Analysis

IT forensics plays a vital role when conducting fraud investigations and handling incidents. We offer the collection and preservation of digital evidence, the recovery of deleted data / data recovery as well as IT forensic analysis like proving fraudulous behaviour, data theft, theft of intellectual property and commercially sensitive information, deliberate manipulation and deletion of data and collusion with third parties. Our IT forensic services follow forensic best practises and are documented properly for possible use in court or insurance proceedings. Furthermore we gladly assist you with any E-Discovery and E-Disclosure needs you may have and conduct forensic mass data analysis for you.

IT Security, Incident Handling, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Security Architecture

Due to the ongoing digitalisation of processes the frequency, severity and professionality of hacking attacks is increasing constantly. Digital espionage and sabotage are becoming easier and affordable for everyone. In case of an attack we preserve all digital evidence, conduct an it forensic analysis and help you to defend your systems by handling the incident and responding to it. Of course we gladly assist you in preventing security incidents and help you setting up effective security policies and emergency plans.

To determine your company's individual IT security risk we offer a quick IT Security check by scanning your networks for unintentionally acessible file shares, unknown devices, known vulnerabilities and unkown services related to active malware or banned software tools. To secure your networks against attacs in the best possible way we then conduct active white hat penetration tests (aka "pentests") to identify possible vulnerabilities of your networks in order to fix those vulnerabilities or to at least mitigate their risk.

IT Compliance, Compliance, IT Baseline Security, Compliance Audits, Whistleblowing, Ombudspersons

We assess your IT infrastructure and evaluate the compliance with local government and EU regulatory requirements, company policies and industry's best practices and identify accessive access rights (aka "toxic combinations") in your financial systems / ERP systems, that could be used to harm your company.

We will gladly help you establish a compliance focused organisation and a compliance management in your company or help you with the implementation of a Code of conduct, a whistle blowing hotline or the nomination of ombudspersons and structures.

We support your company by implementing anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies. We also offer anti-corruption training and we can assess corruption awareness amongst your employees. Furthermore, we can evaluate the ethical tone of your company.