Business Partnerships

Using synergy effects and pooling know how

To best support our clients we have established a network of experienced and trusted experts. Our business partners include thought leaders in forensic services, fraud investigations, IT forensics, IT security and IT compliance. Your company will benefit from this network by receiving services from a highly skilled and experienced team that perfectly suits your individual needs, a large amount of flexibility and low overhead costs while still being independent.

Handling confidential information and data is a matter of trust and we ensure the highest levels of confidentiality - of course this also applies to our network partners.

Who are our network partners?

  • Certified Forensic Accountants with a long lasting experience in Big Four auditing companies
  • Tax advisors
  • Criminologists
  • Large and medium sized financial auditors
  • IT specialists and other IT forensic experts
  • IT security experts, information security management experts, pentesters
  • Specialist solicitors and certified Lawyers practicing in Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Labour Legislation, Insolvency Law, Taxes, Family Law, Competition Law, Data Protection
  • Liquidators
  • Data protection experts and Data Protection Officers
  • Insurances

Are you interested in a business partnership?

We are continuously enlarging our network and are highly interested in sharing knowledge and experiance so please contact us to join our network!

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