Digital Evidence Preservation & Collection

Digital evidence plays a vital role in many court orders, cartell investigations and investigations by the S.E.C or the D.o.J. The forensic preservation of digital evidence is paramount to all of these. It is important that digital evidence is preserved in compliance with IT forensic standards to prevent any accidental alteration or deletion of data which is important to avoid costly fines. To achieve this a strict management of digital evidence is necessary.

Digital evidence can be preserved from many different sources. The most commonly seen sources are hard disk drives from notebooks, desktop PCs and servers, external hard disk drives and USB thumbdrives, data from file, print and mail servers, backup data from SANs and backup tapes and other media like DVDs, CD-ROMs, Floppy disks and flash memory cards (SD,MMC,CF, ...) as well as mobile Devices like mobile phones, PDAs and smart phones, Blackberries, digital cameras and MP3 players.

IT Compliance Systeme GmbH offers the preservation of digital evidence according to forensic standards. We also assist you with the recovery of deleted data and the computer forensic analysis of the digital evidence as well as the management of your digital evidence.