Analysis of ERP and financial systems for excessive access permisions

When auditing your IT infrastructure for excessive access permissions you should pay close attention to the access permissions of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and your financial systems. Excessive access permissions in your ERP and financial systems can be exploited by fraudsters to evade internal controls causing severe financial damage to your company that can even threaten its going concern.

We help you to create an inventory of your IT infrastructure, identify critical resources and data sources and audit the access permissions to these resources to identify excessive access permissions. We identify critical combinations ("toxic combinations") that can pose severe fraud risks to your company because they would allow a fraudster to evade internal controls and the segregation of duties that you implemented in your company.

To detect possible fraud or an evasion of internal controls in your ERP and financial systems we use our Forensic Data Mining / Red Flag Analysis / Journal Entry Testing. Your financial transactions will be screened and scored for more than 170 known fraud patterns. We are also capable of providing highly customized queries and analysis of your data.