Research, intelligence & screening

Background research & Intelligence

We offer background research on companies and persons and their (cross-)ownership. This way you can easily recognize who is profiting from orders to a certain supplier.

You will receive a detailed report and if requested also our evaluation of a person's or company's integrity.

Business Partner Screening

A Business Partner Screening of your actual or future suppliers and business partners can minimize the risks for your company e.g. by uncovering relations and (cross-)ownerships unknown to you.

Pre-Employment Screening

A Pre-Employment Screening can oftentimes already give hints on the integrity of a future employee or manager that could save your company from possible future damages that might have been caused by that person later on.

OSInt / Open Source Intelligence

Besides publicly available data from company and trade registers we also use information from commercial and credit agencies as well as information from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter etc.

Special Research

We also offer special research like research for trademarks and patents, internet domains etc.

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